Superfoods to the Rescue!

So I’m sure all of you, my enlightened readers, have heard of superfoods. Let’s face it, everything is now toting the claim that they have or are a superfood. It’s madness! How are people supposed to know what’s true and if it is even worth trying?

Well I would like to explain to you everything there is to know about superfoods.

The FDA says that superfoods have been shown to increase our overall health (well of course!) Superfoods help us ward off disease and illness, give us more energy, keep us at an ideal body weight and help us feel/look our best. The best way to find superfoods would be to eat more whole, unprocessed foods…

Look for fresh, unheated…

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Nuts (RAW! Not roasted, toasted, salted…all those methods leech nutrients!)
  • Seeds

These whole, fresh, unprocessed foods are like rocket fuel for our body. By eating these items we are providing our amazing bodies with nutrient dense foods filled with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes that are necessary for optimum health.

Here are a few examples of superfoods:

  • Fruits: blueberries, acai berry (my favorite), pomegranate, raspberry…
  • Vegetables: kale, spinach, peppers… basically everything that has a vibrant color!
  • Nuts: walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, coconuts (the water is amazing, so hydrating!) pecans…
  • Seeds: sunflower, chia, pumpkin, quinoa, sesame, wild rice…

So be sure to eat more of these amazing superfoods and incorporate them in your everyday life.  I promise, it will change you! I’ll be adding some recipes which incorporate superfoods so keep an eye out!

Peace & Love!


Hello loves!

Sorry for the hiatus but when the insanity of life takes over, what can you do? I hope everyone has been well and healthy. This time around I’ll be blogging from my new location in beautiful, sunny Key West! How great is that?

As always, around this time of year I begin my raw food/plant based food regime. Over the spring and summer I try my hardest to eat well but it’ll just get crazy and then before I know it I’m eating pizza! So lets get healthy together! Stop by my site for tips, recipes, inspiration and just to get that much needed boost to be at your 100% best.

Here’s a quick tip for my friends up in the northern part of country (where I hear it’s snowing already?!)

Tip#1 : Stay full during the day by pairing lean proteins (eggs, yogurt, tofu, nuts) with high fiber foods (nuts, whole grain bread, fresh fruit & oats). This will keep you from snacking on cookies and chips!

Peace & Love, Pauline

Tips on Doing a Juice Cleanse…

From Andrea F.

I recently spent a week visiting friends in Tulum, Mexico. One of these friends, Katerina, is the co-owner of the Uno Astrolodge, abeautiful eco-lodge right on the white sandy beaches of Tulum. She and her husband run the Astrolodge and somehow manage to make everyone who stays there feel like family. While there I was able to pick up some useful tips on how to get the most out of a three day juice fast from her. Because a three day juice fast is relatively short you want to be very disciplined about what goes into your body during those three days.

You want to give your internal organs the optimal environment to rest and heal. The first thing Katerina said was to make sure that you are not taking in too much sugar during your fast. This means limiting the amount of fruit juices you are drinking and increasing the amount of green juice. Katerina also suggested adding Aloe Vera to your juices. The gel-like consistency of the plant coats your intestinal walls and helps everything pass through your system more efficiently. Finally Katerina said that the way to get the absolute most out of a three day fast is to only drink water during the middle day. This way you ensure that there is one day when your body has to do no digestive work. Without any digestion to focus on, your body is free to heal anything that might be out of order.

**Be sure to try juice cleanse only after taking the adequate time to consider & research it. A juice cleanse may not work for everyone and if you feel ill/weak at any point please end the cleanse early. Be aware of what works for you and your body!

Bikram Yoga: Heating things up to sweat it out

While driving back up to New York, my sister & I stopped by Charlottesville, Virginia to visit my cousin. She goes to UVA and let me tell you, that school is amazing! It’s so quaint and has that traditional college feel to it. Apart from great shops, restaurants and pubs, there is a Bikram Yoga studio downtown. We had the opportunity to try it twice (yes, in one week)!

Bikram is a tough but rewarding experience. It is a sequence of 26 poses that are done twice, in a room heated to 105 degrees. The reason for the extreme heat is that before you can change/work out your body you need to get it loosened up and the heat will help with that. This form of hatha yoga flushes away any toxins and waste products in your body. “Bikram Yoga also employs heat to further that cleaning process: When you sweat, impurities are flushed out of the body through the skin.”

Bikram has a ton of benefits:

  • You can feel yourself working out
  • An intense stretch for your whole body
  • Sweat out all toxins & waste in your body
  • Work on slowing down your breathing, using oxygen properly

Look for Bikram studio near you and give it a shot! There are usually student discounts available and the people are so friendly and amazing!

Peace & Love,


The air we breathe…

Quick: what is one thing you literally cannot live without…

No, not your Iphone or your Louie.  AIR!

Oxygen is the number one most important nutrient available. So it would make sense to have the best quality air around you, wouldn’t it? It’s important to be in oxygen rich environments.  All you city people unfortunately live in highly polluted, low oxygen content areas. Oxygen deficiency many times will lead to an increase in cancers, heart disease and many other ailments!!

Don’t freak out yet, there are some easy ways to improve the quality of the air around you…

1.      Exercise outdoors. You can exercise in a park by going for a run, playing basketball, Frisbee, yoga…

2.      Air out your home. A.k.a. open your windows once in awhile, get a flow of fresh air going through your place!

3.      Drink water & veggie juices.

4.      Walk, bike, roller blade to destinations instead of driving.

5.      Increase plant life in every room of your home. Plants actually remove chemicals that may linger in the air & thrive on substances that can be harmful to people. Some plants to look for are…

a.      English Ivy

b.      Asparagus Fern

c.       Purple Heart Plant

6.      Buy a negative ion generator or change your air filters.

Whatever you choose to do…do it! Make some positive changes in your life.

As always,

Peace & Love,


Community Supported Agriculture

Community supported agriculture (CSA). Three words say it all.

CSA’s have become an incredibly popular way for people like you & me to buy local, seasonal food directly from the farmer! The CSA is essentially a membership where the members (us) pay for a share or subscription and receive vegetables, fruits, flowers throughout the season.

A major advantage for the farmers is that they receive payment early in the season which helps them when they need it most!

Advantages for us are…

  • Fresh food, that didn’t have to travel thousands of miles to get to our plates
  • Getting exposed to new veggies and possibly new ways of cooking
  • Developing a relationship with the farmer who now grows YOUR food

This is such a great, yet simple idea which has a huge impact on both the consumer and the small business. In some areas of the country there is more demand then there are CSA’s to fill it! Some CSA’s have begun a “mix and match” variation which means you can load your own box with the veggies & fruits available for you! Some farmers encourage their members to take the prescribed amount and whatever is leftover will be donated to a local food bank. Talk about great karma!!

Now CSA’s aren’t only confined to produce, some farmers include the option for members to buy eggs, homemade bread, meat, cheese, flowers or other farm products. Amazing one stop shopping!!

Check out this website & find a CSA near you!

Organic Coffee & Fair Trade

So for quite a while now I have been off coffee. Never really liked it and last summer I decided to kick the habit. Figured it was unnecessary. Well recently I’ve been working at a 100% organic bakeshop. There I began playing around with a pretty pricey espresso machine and creating fair trade, organic works of art thus somehow leading to me becoming a coffee snob!! Gone are the days of drinking sub-par coffee that forever sits on a burner. Only made to order, lovely cups of liquid addiction for me! I invite all of you to find a local, hole in the wall coffee shop that has made to order coffee and experience for yourself what I’m talking about!

I admit I’m not addicted like I once was but I certainly have a new found appreciation for coffee. Plus being fair trade and completely organic….it’s a no brainer!

So since we’re on the subject how about I enlighten you all about fair trade? Well fair trade is a movement where the main goal is to empower economically disadvantaged artisans from developing nations. Basically giving the little guy, small business, a shot to  make an earnest living. Fair trade is a fantastic movement which focuses on…

  • creating opportunities for people who have few
  • creating safe & healthy work conditions
  • gender equality by ensuring that a woman’s work is properly valued & rewarded
  • proper pay/fair prices for goods
  • environmental responsibility
  • developing artisan’s financial independence by providing training in every aspect of business development.

How could you not go fair trade when all of these amazing, positive things result from a simple purchase? It may seem as though fair trade is now becoming a popular, cool movement, BUT it still only accounts for .01 percent of $3.6 trillion of all globally exchanged products (

.01 percent of 3.6 trillion dollars.

There are many fair trade items available out there, not just coffee but food like chocolate, accessories, house wares, health & beauty, paper products, jewelry…the list is endless! So next time you’re at the supermarket look for the little, fair trade logo somewhere on the item & feel damn good about yourself! By purchasing fair trade you are helping sustain a family, perhaps even a community. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being sustainable, helping others? YES! So do some good, help others less fortunate than yourself…oh and get yourself a good cup of coffee.

Peace & Love