Hello loves!

Sorry for the hiatus but when the insanity of life takes over, what can you do? I hope everyone has been well and healthy. This time around I’ll be blogging from my new location in beautiful, sunny Key West! How great is that?

As always, around this time of year I begin my raw food/plant based food regime. Over the spring and summer I try my hardest to eat well but it’ll just get crazy and then before I know it I’m eating pizza! So lets get healthy together! Stop by my site for tips, recipes, inspiration and just to get that much needed boost to be at your 100% best.

Here’s a quick tip for my friends up in the northern part of country (where I hear it’s snowing already?!)

Tip#1 : Stay full during the day by pairing lean proteins (eggs, yogurt, tofu, nuts) with high fiber foods (nuts, whole grain bread, fresh fruit & oats). This will keep you from snacking on cookies and chips!

Peace & Love, Pauline


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