Organic Coffee & Fair Trade

So for quite a while now I have been off coffee. Never really liked it and last summer I decided to kick the habit. Figured it was unnecessary. Well recently I’ve been working at a 100% organic bakeshop. There I began playing around with a pretty pricey espresso machine and creating fair trade, organic works of art thus somehow leading to me becoming a coffee snob!! Gone are the days of drinking sub-par coffee that forever sits on a burner. Only made to order, lovely cups of liquid addiction for me! I invite all of you to find a local, hole in the wall coffee shop that has made to order coffee and experience for yourself what I’m talking about!

I admit I’m not addicted like I once was but I certainly have a new found appreciation for coffee. Plus being fair trade and completely organic….it’s a no brainer!

So since we’re on the subject how about I enlighten you all about fair trade? Well fair trade is a movement where the main goal is to empower economically disadvantaged artisans from developing nations. Basically giving the little guy, small business, a shot to  make an earnest living. Fair trade is a fantastic movement which focuses on…

  • creating opportunities for people who have few
  • creating safe & healthy work conditions
  • gender equality by ensuring that a woman’s work is properly valued & rewarded
  • proper pay/fair prices for goods
  • environmental responsibility
  • developing artisan’s financial independence by providing training in every aspect of business development.

How could you not go fair trade when all of these amazing, positive things result from a simple purchase? It may seem as though fair trade is now becoming a popular, cool movement, BUT it still only accounts for .01 percent of $3.6 trillion of all globally exchanged products (

.01 percent of 3.6 trillion dollars.

There are many fair trade items available out there, not just coffee but food like chocolate, accessories, house wares, health & beauty, paper products, jewelry…the list is endless! So next time you’re at the supermarket look for the little, fair trade logo somewhere on the item & feel damn good about yourself! By purchasing fair trade you are helping sustain a family, perhaps even a community. And isn’t that what it’s all about? Being sustainable, helping others? YES! So do some good, help others less fortunate than yourself…oh and get yourself a good cup of coffee.

Peace & Love



One thought on “Organic Coffee & Fair Trade

  1. MShep says:

    watch the documentary “black gold” ! its all about fair trade — and how in some instances, cough cough STARBUCKS cough– its not really fair !

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